Friends of
S/V Knight Hawk
Key West, Florida
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Mom. That pretty much says it all. She has been so supportive of my cruising plans and that has made it so much easier to for me to move forward. While she can't sail with me I plan on flying her out to a few of the destinations so she can enjoy a bit of the tropics. Doesn't she just look natural leaning on the rail! She even coordinates her outfit with the sailcovers and trim.
Debbie and Capt. Mike lived aboard their Coronado 41"SNY DAZ" a few docks over and had planed to cruise in tandem with me. Mike was a great help in getting things ready on "Knight Hawk". Deb is an great cook able to whip up anything in the galley. Fun people and great friends for sure. Mike has moved north with "SNY DAZ" and Debbie is still in MDR on her boat.
John White who owns miJoN Technologies in MA. John has always been a great supporter and even a crew member from time to time. John has assisted me yet again by providing the space for this website. THANKS ! Perhaps he'll be crewing aboard "Knight Hawk" again one day.
Sue and Alex H. are friends currently cruising in Mexico. These two are always ready for the next adventure and love to share their experiences with others. You can read about some of their travel experiences here on this site or go to the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club link and look for their entries in the monthly newsletter. I look forward to meeting up with them in Mexico.
Deb and Jim G. are the most incredible people you would ever want to meet. When I bought the original "Knight Hawk" in New Jersey they welcomed me into their home and their family, introduced me to so many fantastic people and made that summer the most unforgetable experience in my life. The cruise to come is fueled by that friendship. MANY THANKS and lots of love! Is there enough water for a 5'8" keel back there?
Annie and Dave are another neighbor couple on "Soft Parade" one slip over from Debbie and Mike. During the summer months Dave sponsors "Movie Night" on Saturdays. He projects a movie onto his main sail, puts out the stereo speakers and we all sit on the dock with our refreshments enjoying. They are planning to cruise Mexico at the same time as "SNYDAZ" and Knight Hawk".
Brian S. is a friend I've known since college. Brian is a pilot for Continental Airlines and manages to work Los Angeles into his schedule from time to time. When he does visit it's always a good time with cold beers, stories and even a sewer tour (harbor cruise) from time to time. Hopefuly he will be able to sail a leg of the journey.
This is Justin K. who always makes things right. He is one of two people who are in charge of operations for "Knight Hawk". Working with John they take care of the yearly paperwork for the documentation, track the accounts, transfer moneys as needed, and take care of the site. Justin would like to do one year of the cruise and that would be fine with me. Pack light, it'll be hot.

Here is one of my co-workers and great friends Charlie and Jan G. along with their grandson Michael. These folks can bring out the best in almost anyone. They have been very supportive of my plans and may even meet up with "Knight Hawk" when she is in the Caribbean. Mike was visiting from Michigan for a few weeks. He had no problem taking over the helm. Great job Michael!

Also visiting Charlie and Jan was their grandson Jacob from central California. I have to say that both Michael and Jacob were fantastic young men and it was a joy to have them aboard. Both of them are welcome aboard any time. Jacob tried fishing off of "Knight Hawk" as we toured the harbor but I don't think the fish could keep up to the boat. Better luck next time Jacob.
James W. has sailed with me many times around Santa Monica Bay and to Santa Catalina Island. James is a natural when it comes to sailing. I know when I put him behind the helm on watch I can go below and catch a few winks and don't have to worrie about a thing. James can crew for me anytime.
Steve S. is another sailing friend who enjoys his boat and a good tune. Steve and his band "Unkle Monkey" have played Monday nights at a local bar providing the locals with the best island rock. Along with Steve on guitar there is also a saxophonist, conga and steel drum players. They have truly made the marina a fun place to be.

What can I say about these two. Gail and Mac are fantastic friends who I was lucky enough to meet through my mother. Their warmth and genuine interest are infectious and make every visit or email a delight. And since they are both computers literate they bring mom over to view all of the updates to the site. Thanks you both for all the help. Hi to the kids and grandkids too! Mac, thanks for the tripod.

This is John C. who is the other half of the "Knight Hawk" operations staff. John is intrusted to watch over the cruising kitty and make sure all of the credit cards are paid on time. Working with Justin I have the best staff ever. John is also taking care of the site and emails when I am out of touch between ports.